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How to Spot Lung Cancer & Preventions of Lung Cancer

lung cancer treatment specialist in Delhi

Among various types of cancer, lung cancer stands as the second most common cancer disease. Lung cancer is reported as the main reason for cancer-related deaths. Like other body organs, our lungs can also be affected by cancer. So, to have preventive measures in time you should consult a lung cancer doctor in Delhi NCRlike Dr. PK Das if you are settled in Delhi.


Before going to a lung cancer treatment specialist in Delhi you should know about the disease itself. When our lungs get affected by cancer, it is called lung cancer. This blog will guide you through every detail of lung cancer. 


What is the main way to prevent lung cancer?


When cells in any body part grow out of control, then it is called cancer. Lung cancer starts in the lungs but can spread to any extent of our body. Lungs that look like a sponge plays a crucial role in inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. When cancer starts in the lungs, you can understand how it becomes harmful to our life.


Studies proved that people who have a habit of smoking have a greater risk of getting affected by lung cancer than those who do not smoke at all. Well, lung cancer happens to them also but the chances are low. The basic preventive measure for lung cancer would be to quit smoking.


Smoking cigars or cigarette increases the chances of getting cancer from eighty to ninety percent. And smoking is also the root cause of lung cancer-related deaths. To prevent lung cancer stop smoking now. If you visit any lung cancer treatment specialist in Delhi like Dr. PK Das oncologist, with a smoking habit, he will first prescribe you to quit smoking as soon as possible.


 What are the 1st signs of lung cancer?


Most of the time the patient does not get to know about lung cancer in his body until it has spread. Sometimes it shows early symptoms. If you go to a lung cancer doctor in Delhi NCRlike Dr. PK Daswith the first signs, he will surely diagnose your disease at an early stage with the latest technology. This will help you in speedy recovery. Some common symptoms are:


  • Coughing which gets worse with time
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Coughing up blood 
  • Feeling tired most of the time
  • Wheezing
  • weight loss with an unknown cause
  • hoarseness
  • bone pain


If you are facing any of the above-mentioned symptoms for a long time then you should immediately consult a lung cancer treatment specialist in Delhi like Dr. PK Das oncologistwith no delay. An oncologist like him always ensures the best possible treatment with the latest equipment. 


 Where does lung cancer usually start?


As the name goes lung cancer usually starts in the lungs. There are also some cases where cancer got spread into the lungs from other parts of the body. According to doctors lung cancer usually starts with smoking as it damages the cell line in the lungs. And the habit of smoking for a long time can damage the lung cells.


To understand it better you have to understand the lungs first. In our chest, there are two sponges like lungs. The right and left lungs have three and two lobes respectively. During our breathing air enters into lungs through a windpipe called the trachea. The trachea is within the lungs as tubes called bronchi. Smaller branches of this are called bronchioles which at the end look like air sacks i.e. called alveoli.


Lung cancers usually start in the bronchi and some parts of the alveoli. As said before lungs regulate our inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide. If these lungs get affected then this process gets problems that result in our deteriorating health.


To have the best treatment and timely prevention you should consult alung cancer doctor in Delhi NCR like Dr. PK Dasas there you will have the best-advanced diagnosis.


 What is the cause of lung cancer?


As said before lung cancer is caused by smoking habits. Other reasons are:


  • second-hand smoking which is smoking from other’s cigars
  • exposure to radioactive gas
  • exposure to asbestos


Whatever the reason is behind getting affected by cancer, early detection is a must to get recovered from this deadly disease. For that, you should go to a lung cancer treatment specialist in Delhilike Dr. PK Das oncologistfor the best treatment at an affordable price.


Besides knowing the causes of lung cancer you should also know the types of cancer. There are mainly two types of cancer: Small cell and Non-small cell cancer. Most of the cancer cases are of NSCLC type. This typically happens in people with a smoking habit. Around 10% of lung cancers fall into the group of SCLC. This type of lung cancer spread quickly and most of the time the treatment is chemotherapy.


There are several types of treatments for lung cancer which depend on the type of cancer and how far it has spread. But whatever the condition is of your disease or you just want to be pre-cautious then just go for a lung cancer doctor in Delhi NCR like Dr. PK Dasto have an experienced team of medical oncologists.

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