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Health Rumours about cancer

Lung cancer doctor in Delhi NCR
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Cancer, the name itself is enough to scare anyone. It is the negative effect of the excessive spread of rumors out of fear. There is hardly any right info about the actual causes of cancer. The matter of cancer is surrounded by numerous misconceptions. Well, it is a good practice to take preventive measures against cancer by consulting doctors like Dr. PK Das who is regarded as the top oncologist in Delhi.


Besides this, every one of us should have the right info about the disease itself and its causes. Here in this blog, we are going to bust some popular myths which have been surrounding the concept of cancer for a long period. But if you got cancer then it should a wise decision to go to the best cancer specialist in Delhi for the best treatment.


What are 3 facts about cancer?


Before discussing the popular ideas about the disease cancer we should know at least three key facts about cancer which will help us in differentiating between truth and false. They are:


  • One-third of all types of cancer disease is preventable.
  • Early detection and resourceful implementing strategies can save millions of lives. 
  • Only six to ten percent of people get cancer hereditary.


These facts back our topic of discussion i.e. myths about cancer. Cancer is not a death sentence as it is preventable if proper measures are taken in time. And for that, you should consult Dr. PK Das cancer doctor who is regarded as the top oncologist in DelhiNow you may be relieved by the data that every time cancer does not lead to death.


What are the 3 most common new cases of cancer?


Cancer can happen in parts of your body. When abnormal cells increase rapidly beyond the limit then that condition is termed cancer. Though cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide that does not mean cancer means death. At present time, several new types of cancers can be found which are affecting a large number of people. They are:


  • Breast cancer ( more than two million cases of breast cancer have been reported)
  • Lung cancer (More than two million cases)
  • Colon cancer(Around two million cases)


These three types of cancer can be seen rapidly growing nowadays. There are other types of cancers too like skin, stomach, and so on. But there is no point in worrying when you have the best cancer specialist in Delhi like Dr. PK Das to assure you of the best treatment with the latest advanced technology.


What’s the most curable cancer?


Cancer is curable in certain circumstances like early detection and proper medication. Sometimes it needs chemotherapy for treatment and maintaining of proper diet and healthy lifestyle can lead to a speedy recovery. Well not all types of cancers are deadly but there are some curable cancers if it is detected within the right time, like:


  • Breast cancer (early stage)
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Melanoma


These cancers are the most curable cancer by early detection. The type of cancer and how far it has spread are the most crucial factors in determining whether cancer is curable or not. So, for that, you have to have a proper diagnosis that you can get from practitioners like Dr. PK Das cancer doctor who is regarded as the top oncologist in DelhiAn oncologist like him always ensures that the patient should get the best treatment and care when it is about our health.


What is the deadliest cancer type?


Cancer is the second most common cause of death worldwide. Every year around ten million people die out of cancer. Apart from these curable cancers, there are many deadliest types of cancers. They are:


  • Lung cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Prostate cancer

These are the top five deadliest cancers that lead to death. Some factors like late detection of the disease, spreading to other body parts and no proper treatment can cause this type of cancer to take a deadly form. So, to avoid these miserable consequences you have to be very diligent about your health and should get regular checks as a precaution. 


To have a proper diagnosis at right time and the best possible treatment with the latest scientific advancement in cancer treatment, you should consult the best cancer specialist in Delhi like Dr. PK DasHe is a well-known name in the field of cancer treatment with many years of experience that ensures that his patients can return to normal life after beating cancer.


The common myths like eating artificial sweeteners, drinking from a plastic bottle, or using mobile phones and cosmetics cause cancer. But to assure you that modern studies have proved that these reasons are not linked with cancer. Having a healthy lifestyle is good for your overall health. But still, if you face any symptoms of cancer then there is Dr. PK Das cancer doctor who is regarded as the top oncologist in Delhi to help you.

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