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What is Lung Cancer? Types, Symptoms, Causes & Preventions

Lung cancer doctor in Delhi NCR
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One of the most common yet dangerous types of cancer that people suffer worldwide is lung cancer. It occurs from the abnormal growth of cells present within the lungs. This leads to the development of a malignant tumor in the lung. Usually, lung cancers are fatal and have an extremely low survival rate. The main reason is that cancer spreads to other organs or parts of the body very quickly and often before diagnosis. 


Types of Lung Cancer

There are two types of lung cancers depending on the appearance of the cancer cells beneath the microscope. These include –

Non-small cell lung cancer or NSCLC: Non-small cell lung cancers are observed in different variants and are actually an umbrella phrase. These include large cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

Small cell lung cancer or SCLC: This type of lung cancer is less common when compared to non-small cell lung cancer. This usually occurs in heavy smokers.


Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a dangerous disease that doesn’t display symptoms at the initial stages. That is why it becomes difficult for doctors to successfully treat a patient. However, there are some symptoms that occur in the later stages. Take a look at some of the common symptoms –

  • A distinct cough type that doesn’t seem to go away
  • Unexplained and sudden weight loss
  • Chest pain
  • Headache
  • Coughing up blood (even if the amount is small)
  • Hoarseness
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Feeling tired
  • Onset of wheezing
  • Recurring infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis

In case lung cancer transmits to other parts or organs of the body, you can exhibit some symptoms. These include-

  • Pain in the bones in the hips or back
  • Swelling of lymph nodes in the area top of the collarbone or in the neck
  • The spreading of cancer to the liver leads to yellowing of the eyes and skin
  • Changes in the nervous system
  • Freeling of numbness or weakness in the leg and arm
  • Problems with maintaining the balance
  • Dizziness

There are some types of lung cancers that can also lead to the development of syndromes. These are –

  • Superior vena cava syndrome
  • Horner syndrome
  • Paraneoplastic syndromes

If you encounter any of these symptoms or signs, you need to visit the best Lung cancer doctor in Delhi NCR.


Causes of Lung Cancer

The majority of lung cancer cases are associated with smoking. That is because smoking is indeed a risk factor that can lead to the development of lung cancer. When you inhale the cigarette, the smoke enters the lungs and starts to damage the underlying tissues. It is important to understand that the lungs have the capability to repair the damage.

However, when this continues for a prolonged period of time, the lungs find it difficult to make the repairs again and again. If the cells are damaged, abnormal activities begin. This eventually leads to an increase in the chances of lung cancer. That is why it is recommended to stop smoking. Your chances of having lung cancer reduce significantly. 

Passive smoking, which is the inhalation of the smoke that non-smokers face, can also lead to lung cancer. It is a proven risk factor associated with this disease.

Another factor that can cause lung cancer is exposure to radioactive gas, radon. Apart from that, breathing hazardous substances over a prolonged period of time can cause lung cancer too. Mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer, occurs due to asbestos exposure. 

There are some other substances that can contribute to the development of lung cancer. These include exposure to uranium, arsenic, nickel, chromium, cadmium, and a few petroleum products. 

To know more, you can always set up a consultation with the Best oncologist in Delhi NCR.


How to prevent lung cancer?

Till now, there are no established ways to prevent lung cancer. But there are several things that you can do to lower the risk significantly. Take a look –

  • Avoid smoking

If you have never tried smoking, don’t ever try it. And if you are an addict or like to have a cigarette or cigar every now and then, quit smoking. You need to have this conversation with your family members to make them aware too. 

  • Get rid of second-hand smoking

If you work or live with people who smoke, tell them to quit. If that doesn’t work, you need to remove yourself from that space right away. 

  • Have a balanced diet

Make a diet plan that has loads of fruits and vegetables. You need to make sure that your body is healthy and fit. Try consuming different types of vegetables and fruits for the required vitamins. 

  • Opt for exercising

Exercise is crucial for the overall health of the body. You need to set up an exercise routine that works for you. 

For the best suggestions, you can visit Dr Pk Das, the Best oncology doctor in Delhi.

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