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Is hormonal therapy safe after 65 in women?

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Hormonal therapy or hormone therapy is a type of therapy where hormones are used in medical treatment. Hormone therapy is a type of cancer treatment that stops or slows the growth of cancer. Cancer cells use hormones to grow, that’s why hormonal therapy is regarded as a useful way to treat cancer. 


Hormone therapy is commonly used for treating cancer and also for easing cancer symptoms. This therapy is used to prevent symptoms in men with prostate cancer who are unable to have radiation therapy or surgery. If you are a cancer patient then you should consult the best oncologist in Delhi i.e. Dr. PK Das cancer specialist for suitable therapy for treatment.


Should a 65-year-old woman take estrogens?


Whether using hormone therapy in women 65 and older is right or wrong remains controversial. The data available in this field is very limited and not sufficient. But according to some research, women shouldn’t have hormonal therapy after the age of 60.


But is it inappropriate to use hormone therapy in older women? In one case an 80-year-old woman of good health, in general, was presented for menopausal management. The patient took hormonal therapy in recent years, but she started to feel unwell so her gynecologists discontinued the therapy and not tried other available options.


According to some medical practitioners, hormonal therapy should be avoided in older women due to the risk of cancer and thrombosis. On the other hand, other medical organizations believe that some women aged 65 years and older with vasomotor symptoms may continue to have systemic hormone therapy. The use of hormone therapy and estrogen therapy in younger women should be individualized based on each woman’s clinical presentation and risk-benefit ratio.


Other oncologists think that age shouldn’t be a bar for a woman to receive hormone therapy. Each patient has individual risks and benefits which should be discussed before going with any therapy. In the case of that 80-year-old woman described earlier, she was counseled on non-hormonal treatments and oral estrogen therapy. But it is reported that her symptoms still were not gone after six weeks of having the therapy.


It remains unclear whether it is safe to use estrogens in women of 65. It largely depends on the individual patients as their requirements are different in each case. In this situation, you should go to Dr. PK Das cancer doctor, the best oncology doctor in Delhi to have the right kind of diagnosis and treatment for your problem. If hormonal therapy is necessary for you then he will adopt that process by ensuring your health requirements.                     


Can you have hormone issues at 65?


Women tend to experience hormone issues or hormonal imbalances at any age. But statistics reveal that around forty-two percent of women between 60 to 65 experience moderate to severe menopause symptoms which are due to hormone issues. This may last for more than a decade in some women. Hormone issues can lead to poor sleep quality which affects a woman’s overall quality of life.


Hormonal imbalances or hormonal issues are common in women and can cause a variety of complications. Some symptoms of hormone issues include:


  • night sweats
  • vaginal dryness
  • leg cramps
  • disturbances in sleep
  • anxiety and depression
  • not interested in sex


Around fourteen percent of women are using hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms. For minimizing the effects of hormonal issues most women went to doctors as a remedy. And some women prefer to take vitamin supplements. According to the best oncologist in Delhi i.e. Dr. PK Das cancer specialistthe most important step for treating hormonal imbalances is to find out the root cause.


Who should not go for hormone therapy?


Hormone therapy is not without side effects. Hormone therapy may block your body’s ability to produce hormones and regulate their behaviors. The side effects depend on the type of hormone therapy and how your body reacts to it.

Usually, doctors prescribe hormonal therapy to ease menopause symptoms. But this therapy is not appropriate for some women with menopause symptoms if they have:


  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Estrogen-dependent cancer
  • Risk of developing blood clots
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Breast cancer
  • Liver problem
  • Sensitivity to hormone therapy
  • Pregnancy


To determine if hormone therapy is the right option for you, talk to Dr. PK Das cancer specialist about your symptoms and risks. As the best oncologist in Delhihe will guide you in the right direction.    


Hormone therapy may cause weight gain for some patients. In that case consult Dr. PK Das cancer doctor, the best oncology doctor in Delhi, if weight gain poses a problem for you. Apart from that if you are eligible for hormone therapy then go to Dr. PK Das cancer specialist as he ensures the best quality treatment with modern technologies.



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