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Five tips to keep yourself fit this summer

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Summer means soaring temperatures higher and higher every day which is enough to make anyone exhausted. Summer heat drops our energy level to engage in essential practices for healthy living. The sweat and the unforgiving heat of the sun bring in a host of diseases with it. So, to get through summer, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle.


Besides the feeling of restlessness summer brings with it bacteria and viruses which cause diseases like typhoid, chicken pox, jaundice, infective hepatitis, and gastroenteritis. During the summer months due to perspiration, we often get dehydrated. Some common summer ailments are burning of skin, and heat strokes. You can consult Dr. Pk Dasthe top oncologist in Delhi if you feel any of these ailments due to summer.



How do I keep myself fit this summer?


The requirements of our bodies usually change with every season. Every season has its own set of requirements like in summer our body needs plenty of fluid to stay hydrated. But working out or practicing exercise is quite difficult in summer as you sweat too much.


In addition, you cannot stick to a single diet plan during this season for healthy living. So, it is crucial to take extra care of our health during the summer months to avoid any ailment. Here are some tips by Dr. Pk Das, the best cancer specialist in Delhi to remain fit and healthy:


  • Wear sunglasses and loose clothing made of cotton
  • Eat healthy food and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not take any stress and get enough sleep
  • Do not skip exercise
  • Drink plenty of fluid


What are the best ways to keep fit?


Staying fit especially in summer is as crucial as breathing oxygen. Summer brings with it harsh weather with some challenges which pose our overall immune system at risk. Whether it is dehydration or heat stroke, humans of every age group are prone to all these. As preventive care against harsh summers, we have to stay safe and healthy.


  • Balanced Diet


A balanced diet contains various foods with accurate quantity and quality to be consumed by any individual. Our eating choices convey the type of lifestyle we have: healthy or unhealthy. The diet varies from person to person according to the requirements. You may consult Dr. Pk Das oncologist for having a healthy diet plan for you and your family.


  • Yoga and exercises


Research studies have shown that stress leads to ruined fitness levels. Yoga and exercises are greatly beneficial in relieving stress and maintaining fitness. Try to stay tension free which is the most important rule for a healthy life.


  • Sleep


Lack of sleep is related to higher blood sugars, frequent illness, poor concentration, and deteriorating immune system. Everyone of us should have at least seven hours of quality sleep to stay healthy this summer.


  • Avoid alcohol and smoking


Try to stay away from addictions. During summer our body already stays under stress. If you consume alcohol or tobacco then it puts a lot of stress on your body and overall health which may lead to serious disease in near future. So, stay away from these addictions to facilitate body fitness.


What are the 8 tips for staying fit during the holidays?


During holidays most of us abandon our fitness routine. We tend to give up exercise and fill our stomachs with junk foods. And these are enough to ruin our weeklong following of a healthy lifestyle. A holiday doesn’t mean complete abandonment of your commitment to fitness. Try these eight tips to stay fit and healthy during the holidays.


  1. Stay active
  2. Have a Normal Routine
  3. Be Realistic
  4. Drink Plenty of Water
  5. Prioritize Sleep
  6. Limit screen time
  7. Meal with protein-rich foods
  8. Stay positive and relaxed

If you gain fat by any chance then following these useful tips by Dr. Pk Dasthe top oncologist in Delhi will help you to get back into your routine of a healthy lifestyle. 


What are 10 ways to stay fit and healthy?


Modern life is full of a sedentary lifestyle with physical inactivity, excessive eating, anxiety, and depression. This lifestyle is bound to pose considerable health risks like diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, and other health problems.


  1. Watch Your Weight
  2. Be Active Physically
  3. Limit the intake of unhealthy foods
  4. Take Multivitamin Supplements
  5. Stay Hydrated, and Limit Sugary Beverages
  6. Get Enough Good Sleep
  7. Reduce inactivity and screen time
  8. Control Alcohol addiction
  9. Manage Your Emotions
  10. Keep Track of Your Sleep, Movement, and Heart Rate with apps


Nowadays people are getting infected with serious chronic medical conditions due to unhealthy lifestyles. Besides maintaining the above-mentioned healthy lifestyle, you should get a regular check-up from Dr. Pk Das, the best cancer specialist in Delhi, and talk to him for useful advice.

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