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Does consuming Vitamin D help prevent prostate cancer?

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Prostate cancer is another type of cancer that begins in the prostate gland of a male. The cells of the prostate gland start to grow out of control then which is called prostate cancer. Due to prostate cancer, more than two lakhs of men die worldwide. To have primary preventive measures against prostate cancer you should seek advice from a prostate cancer specialist in Delhi like Dr. Pk Das.


Vitamin D is one of the important nutrients which are essential for our immune system and cell growth. Some studies have suggested that vitamin D protects against prostate cancer as vitamin D controls the growth of tumor cells. But there are some other studies also which express that there is no relation between Vitamin D and prostate cancer. Vitamin D cannot be used as a replacement for standard treatments for prostate cancer.


Can vitamin D prevent prostate cancer?


Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium for keeping the bones of your body healthy. The latest research has proved a link between vitamin D and prostate cancer, the second most common cancer found in men. Some observations about prostate cancer:


  • It is seen that man who has the lowest levels of vitamin D has the highest risk of getting prostate cancer.
  • Men who are already affected by prostate cancer tend to have lower levels of vitamin D.
  • Men who have vitamin D at healthy levels have lower rates of death from prostate cancer.


All of these studies regarding the role of vitamin D in prostate cancer are observational, so more research should be conducted to determine the effectiveness of vitamin D in preventing prostate cancer. Though Vitamin D has several health benefits, it is important to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D for an overall healthy life. 


For maintaining a healthy level of Vitamin D you should consult a cancer specialist in Delhi NCR like Dr. Pk Dasas would help you with the right procedure to have the right level of Vitamin D. 


Can vitamin D lower PSA levels?


PSA or Prostate-specific antigen is a protein produced by normal and sometimes malignant cells of the prostate gland. The PSA test reveals the PSA level in our blood. Generally, the PSA level in the blood gets elevated in people with prostate cancer. 


To have the right cancer treatment in Delhi NCR timely detection of prostate cancer is important for fast recovery. For timely diagnosis of prostate cancer, you should reach out to a prostate cancer specialist in Delhi like Dr. Pk Das to have the right method of testing for PSA levels in the blood.


Now the question is whether Vitamin D helps in lowering PSA levels. Vitamin D is a secosteroid hormone that is known for its primary role in maintaining calcium levels and bone metabolism in our body. Recently, current research shows that vitamin D helps in slowing the growth and differentiation of prostate cancer cells. Another clinical study found that supplements of vitamin D help in reducing PSA levels and enhancing the survival rate in prostate cancer patients.


But on the other hand, vitamin D receptor polymorphisms are associated with the occurrence of prostate cancer. Several reports showed that men with lower levels of vitamin D had a higher risk of prostate cancer compared to men with sufficient levels of vitamin D. Though the process in which vitamin D deficiency elevates the risk of prostate cancer remains unclear.


Can vitamin D help the prostate?


A lot of evidence suggests that oral vitamin D3 supplements may help in reducing prostate inflammation and it helps in slowing or even reversing the progression of less-aggressive prostate cancer without causing any side effects. Studies have shown that an increased intake of vitamin D from diet and supplements has aided in decreasing prostate volume in BPH patients.


Preliminary results indicated that many of the men who were given the vitamin had shown visible improvements in their cancer. Although additional research is necessary it was clear that vitamin D had caused dramatic changes in the levels of many cell proteins, particularly those involved in inflammation.


How much vitamin D intake is ideal for a man with prostate cancer?


Dr. Pk Das, a renowned prostate cancer specialist in Delhi has recommended that men under 70 should get vitamin D of 600 IU/day; and men of 70 and older should have vitamin D of 800 IU/day. Some foods full of of vitamin D are:


  • Fatty fish and fish liver oils
  • Fortified foods like milk and yogurt and orange juice.


Patients with prostate cancer initially took 8,000 IU a day for 14 days which is a high dose of vitamin D. Then they started to get 4,000 IU a day. The standard dose of vitamin D is to have 400 IU daily during all cycles. Patients with low-risk prostate cancer are given vitamin D3 supplementation at 4000 IU/d.


For cancer treatment in Delhi NCR, you should consult, Dr. Pk Das, a cancer specialist in Delhi NCR to discuss the latest prostate cancer screening recommendations. He will determine whether PSA-based screening is right for you or not and will go forward with the required treatment process.

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