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Top Cancer-Causing Foods That You Must Avoid

Let us begin by saying that we should all learn to eat mindfully. We should also understand the carcinogenic or even the anti-carcinogenic properties of the various foods. Here are the top cancer-causing foods that one must avoid.

  1. Processed meat

According to the World health organization or WHO, there is quite the evidence that processed meat can cause cancer. This is classified as the group 1 carcinogen. This is also connected specifically to the colorectal and even stomach cancer.

Here are the examples of processed meats that have the carcinogenic properties. These include the Frankfurter hotdogs, ham, sausages, corned beef, beef jerky and even canned or the lunch meat.

There are also the alternatives to this. There can be white fish, white meat – these include chicken or turkey. There can be the meat substitutes such as Quorn, tofu or even seitan. 

We can restrict ourselves to very healthy or organic food items. However, since cancer cannot be totally prevented, if you notice any symptoms related to cancer, you can consult or search for the top oncologist in Delhi.

  1. Red meat

Red meat is only marginally better for us than the processed meat. There is the red meat that is also classified as the group 2A. group 2a is probably carcinogenic to the humans. There is also the strongest link between the consumption of red meat and cancer is colorectal cancer. 

However, there is also evidence of the links to both of the pancreatic and the prostate cancer.

Cancer council recommends that in order to reduce the risk of cancer, you should be eating not more than sixty-five to one hundred grams of the cooked red meat every week. There are the alternatives over here. We can all swap red meat for the beans, pulses, white meat or even the fish.

  1. Alcohol

There are several of us who enjoy the occasional drink. Some of us do that more than others. However, there is always the medical advice to reduce the alcohol intake completely. That is to intake alcohol as little as possible.

Alcohol is very well classified as a group 1 carcinogen. This always means that there is sufficient evidence of the carcinogenicity in the humans.

There are those forms of cancer which are particularly linked to alcohol consumption are cancer of the mouth. Other than that, they can also affect the throat, the oesophagus, the breast, the liver, the stomach and even the bowels.

There is the cancer risk associated with alcohol. This is thought to be completely dose dependent in certain formations of cancer. You can always consume one glass of wine with dinner every now and then.

This does not have as much of a negative effect as the binge consuming of several units of alcohol in one sitting. There is one study which suggests that there is the moderate consumption of red wine. This can be linked to a completely lower overall mortality and the reduced risk of the coronary heart diseases and even stroke. 

Consult the best cancer surgeon in Delhi if you have any health-related problems.

  1. Salted fish in Chinese style

Salting is quite a traditional method of preserving food. This can be especially true with fish. This is frequently utilized in the South-east Asia and China. This is the method of preserving unfortunately results in the very production of carcinogenic by products.

The carcinogenic by products can cause cancer in humans. Chinese style salted fish is a group 1 carcinogen just like processed meat. The alternatives to this food item are fresh fish or seafood such as prawns, mussels or even squid.

  1. Sugary drinks or non-diet soda

What is the major risk for cancers? Answer, obesity. As such it is important to maintain a very healthy weight. All of this can be achieved with a balanced diet. This incorporates all the food groups. In case consumed regularly, the sugary drinks can lead to immense weight gain. The sugary drinks can even lead to obesity if consumed more and more.

  1. Fast food or even processed foods

There is much greater body fatness which is the cause of several cancers. There is the world cancer research fund that recommends limiting the fast foods and even the other processed foods high in fat, starches or even sugars.

All of the above helps to control calorie intakes and also maintain a very healthy weight. There are the alternatives to the fast food or the processed foods. These are the homemade sandwiches, the wholegrain bread, the sushi or the salads. 

Removing or reducing carcinogenic foods involved in a diet can help reduce the risks of cancer.

For the best suggestions, you can visit Dr. PK Das, the best oncology doctor in Delhi.

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