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A Guide through Breast Cancer and its Unheard Symptoms

best breast oncologist in Delhi NCR
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Awareness regarding breast cancer has been improving over the years. Now the women and the men completely remain aware of some of the major red flags that come with the disease. Be it skin wrinkling or inverted nipple, or the unusual breast lumps, once the signs are seen, people now have started to consult with the best breast oncologist in Delhi NCR.

Breast cancer generally does not have any major signs or feelings. It is what makes some of the screening tools, including mammograms, so important. However, one cannot ignore the fact that there do exist some less common signs of breast cancer, and it will be completely helpful for remaining the same.

Breast cancer unheard symptoms

The common symptoms of breast cancer include a new lump or mass. Even when most of the breast lumps are not cancerous, it is better to get checked out. The painless or the hard moss with irregular edges is highly likely to be cancer, but there are also cases of such mass being soft, tender, round, and painful.

Discussing the unheard symptoms, according to the best oncologist in Delhi, some of these symptoms are,

  1. Swollen breasts- entirely or apart
  2. Nipple or breast pain
  3. Leaking nipples
  4. Nipple retraction or it turning inward, etc.


Uncommon breast cancer signs

For the breast cancer, there are different signs, but some of the uncommon which do not come to the notice of the people generally are,

  1. Breast size change
  2. Inverted nipples
  3. Skin dimpling or appearing like the orange peel
  4. Unusual warm skin
  5. Itchy breast or nipples
  6. Red spots or blotches
  7. Swollen lymph nodes that are present near the collarbone or the arm
  8. Bloody nipple discharge
  9. Nipple discharges that are other than the breast milk
  10. Flaking, thickened, dry, redbreast or nipple skin


What was your first breast cancer symptom?

Different people have been said to have different symptoms of breast cancer. Some do not even have any kind of signs or symptoms. However, generally, the first symptom which got experienced by many that warned them and got to visit the best oncologist in Delhi, Dr. PK Das, are,

  • New lump on the underarm or in the breast
  • Swelling or thickening of breast part
  • Pulling in of nipples or any pain within the nipple area
  • Pain within the breast area
  • Change of size/shape of the breast, etc.

The above signs do not mean you have cancer. It can also happen because of some of the other conditions other than cancer. In case you are having any such symptoms, instead of worrying, make sure to find the best breast oncologist in Delhi NCR and visit him right away.


Who is more likely to get inflammatory breast cancer?

Inflammatory breast cancer is quite rare, and only 1 to 5% of all cancer patients have the same. Even though it is one of the types of invasive ductal carcinoma, the symptoms, treatment, and the outlook towards the same are completely different. Some of the common symptoms of breast cancer inflammation include redness and swelling, and the same gets caused by the cancer cells, which block the lymph vessel within the skin, and it causes the breast to look completely inflamed.

The inflammatory breast cancer is very likely to occur in the younger women aged less than 40 years of age. According to the reports in America, black women have been developing inflammatory breast cancer much more than what was developed in white women. Also, it is important to note that this kind of cancer is very common in women who are obese or overweight.

The inflammatory breast cancer is very aggressive, and the same grows as well as spreads at a much quicker level than the other breast cancer types. In case one has any kind of symptom, it does not mean the same is inflammatory breast cancer, but it is important to get it checked. Any itching, warmth, redness, or tenderness are some of the common symptoms of breast inflammation or infection if one is pregnant or they are breastfeeding. As these problems are very common, then the inflammatory breast cancer might be suspected by your doctor to be just an infection, and they might treat you with antibiotics.

The antibiotic treatment can be a good step. However, if your symptoms are not getting better in 7-10 days, make sure to get some of the tests done and let your doctor know in case the symptoms get worse and affect your breast.


Can shoulder and arm pain be caused due to breast cancer?

At times the pain in the shoulder blade gets caused because of cancer. It happens when cancer starts to spread from the breast to the bones and the liver along with the other body parts. When the same happens, one of the most common symptoms of metastatic is the shoulder pain, and this generally occurs near the shoulder blade or the shoulder joint, or the upper back area.


Final words

Many symptoms are caused because of benign breast conditions or non-cancerous conditions. However, it’s still important to check out any kind of breast mass or a lump, or any other change within the breast if the same is experienced. Make sure to connect with the best breast oncologist in Delhi NCR like Dr. PK Das, and get the right treatment on time.

With the experience owned and expertise Dr. Das has, he will surely guide you through the right process. Just make sure to explain the entire scenario and get regular screening for breast cancer. Mammography will also be helpful for the detection of breast cancer at an early stage. Remember that breast cancer, if found early, does have a better chance of successful treatment. So, go ahead and connect today with the oncologist to know more.


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